Most people would assume wine is naturally vegan (V). Well, usually not. Wine goes through a fining process to remove minerals and other natural particles that affect the colour and taste of the wine during fermentation. It’s common for fish bladder or other animal based products to be used in this process. Vegan-friendly wines used carbon, limestone, or plant based alternatives. Most winemakers prefer to make their wines with vegan-friendly methods nowadays because they feel that the taste and texture is actually better. Not only are you drinking a delicious wine, you're doing good by the planet and our furry or fishy friends as well.

Organic (O) vines are grown using limited or no artificial or synthetic chemicals, such as herbacides and pesticides, or fertilizers. Becoming certified organic is extremely expensive so many small wineries use organic practices but legally can’t use the seal. You might see some of those on this shelf.

Biodynamic (B) vineyards go a bit further than organic vineyards. They’re farming practices are based on a natural ecosystem they create using Aussie Rudolf Steiner’s hollistic philosophies revolving around animals, plants, and lunar cycles. For more, Google Preparation 500 which is a common biodynamic practice.


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